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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  Current  January 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> which of these stories will you be talking tomorrow, romney rising in the sunshine state no polls show him leading over gingrich, but newt strikes back. >> the message we should give mitt romney is you know, we aren't that stupid and you aren't that clever. >> at least he got half right. >> the senate speaks out on the two year anniversary of citizen's united, what it's meant for this election and future ones. chris christy threaten to say veto same-sex marriage in new jersey. >> let's let the people decide. >> as other states move toward legalization. >> bang, boom, straight to the moon. >> we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be americans. >> how long until we can send him there?
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>> "countdown" contributor on newt's lunar fantasy. all this and more on "countdown." >> good evening, this is thursday january 26, 286 days until the 2012 presidential election. i'm sitting in tonight for keith olbermann. mitt romney getting help from one time gop leaders as he looks to crush newt gingrich while president obama's shot at reelection gets a boost from the economy. panic over the fact that newt might actually win and economic numbers that could mean good news for departments. president obama in las vegas today to push his energy proposals telling voters that democrats are all for success. >> we do not begrudge success in
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america, we aspire to it. we want everybody to succeed. >> while mitt romney supporters are doing whatever they can to make sure newt gingrich fails in his bid for the republican presidential nomination. perhaps taking some comfort from the latest insider advantage poll showing romney gaining sharply over gingrich with ron paul and rick santorum far behind. while he plans to take on president obama in tonight's gop debate. >> we may talk about the differences between ourselves. there may be give and take that's always fun and entertaining, i know. >> especially now that the gop's old guard is openly attacking newt. former senate majority leader bob dole saying:
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>> former house majority leader tom delay, remember him piling on today telling radio talk show host michael berry: >> yeah, sort of like clinton. meanwhile, romney's attacking gingrich in florida with this ad, which focuses on the former house speaker's ethics violation. >> gingrich paid $300,000, later resigned in disgrace. now pelosi said she has information so secret she once asked her husband to leave the
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bedroom so she could discuss it privately on the phone. newt gingrich, we cannot risk. >> nancy pelosi states any information she has on newt is in the public domain. >> many of you probably noticed a number of attack ads and all sorts of junk and that's what it is. this is the desperate last stand of the old order throwing the kitchen sink hoping something sticks because if only they can drown us in enough mud raised with money from companies and people who foreclosed on the people of florida. >> can't say he's not colorful. i'm joined by "countdown" contributor, nia henderson.
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>> great to say you, bill. >> the polls that we saw yesterday showed newt gingrich even with mitt romney in florida. tonight, we've got this insider advantage poll showing that romney is starting to pull away from newt. what happened overnight? >> i don't know that anything has necessarily happened overnight. i think since the south carolina carolina experience where literally the ground moved under our feet when it shifting so suddenly, i've got an open relationship with these polls because you can never trust them from day to day, but obviously mitt romney went into florida with a loss in south carolina but had some advantage there because he'd had ads already up on the air. i think he's got $7 million worth of ad time that he's flooding the airwaves with. we know that's awfully important in florida. we've got a debate tonight.
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i'm going to watch it once i get home. that can be a game-changer in the way it was down in south carolina. newt gingrich has finally settled on a populace message that may work for him. >> right but was last monday's debate a game-changer in that newt wasn't able to play to the crowd and he really didn't have such a great night and the next morning he said how dumb of me not to challenge brian williams? >> right, he definitely said that. he did turn in a flat performance. >> yeah. >> tonight, it's going to be wolf blitzer and the crowd is going to be able to participate, and i think you'll see a lot of these candidates play to that. i was with rick santorum down in florida a couple of days ago. he said he's going to tart piling on the media there and hoping he can get some crowd reaction and maybe traction down in florida too. i think tonight it's going to be
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interesting to see if mitt romney is going to be able to sustain and argument against newt gingrich. so far he hasn't been able to. he trotted out this idea of i read the reagan diaries and newt you aren't mentioned very much in them. newt said he wasn't a part of the reagan revolution and was an independent back in the reagan era. >> it's interesting that in the reagan diaries reagan only refers to newt gingrich once and said that he would have killed our defense policy or something like that. not very complimentary though. i want to ask you about these polls. do the polls in florida reflect and can they in any way reflect the early voting in which mitt romney certainly had a head start? >> yeah, he has had an early start, i think 300,000 folks down there have already started voting. i've ran into a number of them down there. i think you're right. that's going to be a decisive factor. romney put a lot of resources getting people out to vote early
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and getting his message out way ahead of newt gingrich and certainly before he could claim a w. in south carolina. i think you're right. these polls, that's why i'm not believing these polls until we get closer to the contest tuesday. >> what about this attack, newt gingrich now saying the entire establishment is coming after me, right? the democratic establishment and the republican establishment. i mean if he's not part of the establishment, can this really work with volares, or is it working? >> i mean it seems to be working. how is the that newt gingrich who lives in virginia was a congressman for three decades is a consultant, lobbyist, cant, call it what you want, functions as a lobbyist, somehow has been able to essentially make the same argument against obama that he's making against romney, they are both representing the establishment and essentially
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that they are not american in the way that ordinary americans are americans. you go to these crowds, to these rallies, newt gingrich, folks chanting u.s.a., they have somehow newt gingrich has managed to be somewhat of a political chameleon and do the bill clinton feel your pain and resonate with these crowds. it worked very well for him in south carolina and i think to certain crowds in florida, he's going to have an advantage over mitt romney. >> i ever to say, you have to give newt gingrich credit. he has a certain skill in getting ann coulter tom delay bob dole and mat drudge to all come out against i am. >> that's right. >> washington post national political reporter and "countdown" contributor knee i can't malike henderson. i'll see you on the radio tomorrow morning. >> that's right, 7:00. all righty, see you. >> more good news from the penalty tonight from an nbc wall
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street journal poll. 37% think the economy will improve over the next 12 months
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news. the on a analogy is the patient in bed with tubes and wires and no longer on life support and flickering the fingers and eyes start to go move a little bit. it's getting the news that we hoped for, but we're not ready to release the patient to go out and play touch football or start tap dancing or anything like that. >> i hope president obama has done a little belter than that. he was up and walking around today. >> he was. the patient being the economy, that is, but seriously you raise a very good point in that these are good numbers for the president given where we were with that the economy was on an uptick and any economist will tell you that the faltering started again once the debt sealing debate started to smack into the president's plan. clearly, you can trace a gradual
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up slope then sharp drop around summer, late summer of last year and now ticking back up to where it would have been had that nonsense not gone on. >> we have that nonsense still coming up, right, yet to go through yet again. when these poll numbers came out, peter hart does the polling for nbc said that it showed that republican
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side, they start saying what horrible shape the country its in. does this undercut their argument. >> the fact that the economy isn't sprinting around or isn't doing much, much better or much morrow bust than it's doing right now. what they do fear is the fact that things will get so much better that they'll have a hollow argument, be making a
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hollow argument when they talk about the fact that things are so much worse under this president. clearly the facts show otherwise. what they do have is this natural sort of resistance to crediting a democratic president with doing good, and that's an argument that resonated in south carolina with newt gingrich, it's resonating to a degree in florida with mitt romney and gingrich going at it toe-to-toe and a message that's going to be slightly easier for the white house to refute on the trail going forward but not necessarily a lock for them to convince everybody that things are getting better. there are a lot of people still hurting and there's still pain out there. >> right, there was cautious optimism at the white house from president obama on down when the last unemployment numbers came out and it was down to 8.5%. so all of this could turn around though if that next report goes up instead of farther down, right, or even taking the same. >> certainly, we've had a slight
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up tick in the unemployment numbers this week, a reflection of people starting to look for work more. it's not a big deal. what could undermine the recovery is more than the economic
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